DEP Power is a global supplier of Power , data and instrumentation cables and cable accessories. Over the years we have proven ourselves a reliable partner. A supplier you can rely on. We use a personal and service-based approach. This means we approach every request and inquiry effectively and efficiently.


20  years of experience supplying cable into the oil & gas, Subsea, Ship Building and Renewables sectors, DEP Power has gained unrivalled experience and a unique portfolio of bespoke cable designs through its in-house design department.

DEP Power have covered a wide range of topside and subsea cable applications including projects for oil platforms, accommodation platforms, rigs, marine vessels, subsea installations, and renewable energy farms. We work closely with our customers and observe the demands that harsh environments put on our subsea cables


Value is a product of trust and the trust your customer has in you. As the large stockist of cable and accessories in Europe and Middle East,  we acknowledge that value and trust are the ingredients of a quality relationship – and that they are earned over many transactions. No matter the size of the business, order, industry or sector we can assist and be invaluable to your supply chain.


If you the customer do not receive your order, when needed, all other considerations are of no significance. Availability in our case involves large investments in  ready stocks for immediate delivery. It also involves our organisational abilities and overall attitude to service the customer. Our availability, transport options and old-fashioned attitude to providing our customers with consistent high levels of service have been the key to our success.


Our workforce is knowledgeable about the requirements and standards of the products our customers wish to buy. All products supplied conform to the relevant standards and International approvals , where applicable.


DEP Power can manage all of your Project requirements regardless of size or value. Throughout our 25 years of trading we have managed many projects. Should you have any questions regarding your project please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.