Cable Glands

DEP Power is a supplier of cable glands and wiring accessories .
Our products are Conforming to the international standards of quality and have better output yielding capacity, we can potentially attain higher customer satisfaction levels and increase the likelihood of achieving company targets .
Our products have been approved by UL, CE, ROHs, TUV(PAHs), IP68, REACH etc. All kinds of product sizes are available to be used broadly as an outlet for various facilities. Facilities such as machine, automatic control, electric, power supply, network, connector, telecommunication or communication, illumination, monitor, audio video, digital display, transportation signal, detection and measuring instrument.
We gain a very high reputation in European market resulting from our skilful workmanship, exquisite technique, good quality guarantee and excellent service.
we would like to cooperate with you as a partner for a brilliant future.


Waterproof cable Gland:

  • Brass Cable Gland
  • Nylon Cable Gland
  • Breathable Cable Gland
  • Stainless Steel Cable Gland
  • Longer Thread Cable Gland
  • Multiple Cable Gland
  • With Silicon Rubber Insert

Emc cable Gland:

  • D series
  • E Series
  • F Series

Explosion Proof cable Gland:

  • Armoured Explosion Proof Cable Gland
  • None Armoured Explosion Proof Cable Gland




Flexible cable Gland:

  • Brass Gland with Strain Relief
  • Nylon Gland with Strain Relief

Double Lock cable Gland:

  • Brass Gland Double Locked Gland
  • Stainless Steel Gland Double Locked Gland

Breathable Vent:

  • Brass Breathable Vent
  • Nylon Breathable Vent