Instrument & Control Cable

DEP Power provide both stock and manufacturing solutions for a broad range of offshore instrument cables including standard products to BS EN50288-7 ,BS6883, BS7917, NEK606, IEEE1580, MCGH and IEC60092-375, including options for flame retardant and fire resistant cables to IEC-60332 and IEC-60331. In addition DEP Power can accommodate any special requirements including specific non-standard core and sheath colours, steel wire and steel tape armour and braiding.
Included also in our range of offshore and marine cable products are a range of cable harnesses and umbilical’s manufactured to clients requirements including combinations of conductors,fibres and hoses. If you have a special requirement please contact our technical team.

DEP Power Wire & Cable pioneered the development of instrumentation cables starting in the 1940s. Instrumentation cables monitor process parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and temperature and transmit low voltage signals to the instrumentation or process control room.
Instrumentation cables are built in twisted conductor groups, and are available in single and multiple group configurations. DEP Power’s instrumentation cables are used worldwide, most notably in the petro-chemical and refining industries. We have a large number of part numbers in stock, and we can also build cables to your specific customizations.