LV Power Cable

LV Power Cable up to 3.6 KV (IEC 60502-1)

  • Copper/Tinned Copper/Aluminum Conductor (Class 1/Class 2/Class 5)
  • PVC/XLPE/HDPE/SR Insulation
  • Copper Wire Screen/Copper Tape Screen/Copper Braid Screen/Overall Screen (OSCR)
  • Lead Cover/ALPE
  • Round Wire Armour/Double Tape Armour/Wire Braid Armour
  • PVC/LSPVC/LSFOH/PE Outer Sheath

Low Voltage Cables are rated at voltages of up to 3.3 kV, and are made with copper or aluminum. These cables are used for a wide array of applications, from powering lighting to driving electric motors.

Low Voltage power cables for energy supply are used for industry and distribution boards, power stations, panels, house connecting boxes, subscriber networks & street lighting. those cables are installed in open air, underground, indoor and in cable ducts.

Control cables can be used in machinery production and production lines as direct line or connection cable for measuring signal and control features, computer systems, for control devices of tool making machines, conveyor belts and conveyor systems. This type of cables is installed in open air, underground, indoor or in cable ducts.

  • Shielded types are allowed to use it as neutral-protective or earthed conductor. simultaneously, this also is permitted to apply it as a screen.
  •  Armoured types would be able to bear external mechanical forces.
  • Lead sheathed types are designed to be used in any applications where the cables may be subjected to solvent penetration or corrosive attack or hydrocarbons.