Telecoms Cable

Telecoms Cable

  • Copper/Tinned Copper Conductor (Class 1/Class 2/Class 5)
  • PVC/XLPE/HDPE/SR Insulation
  • Individual Screen (ISCR)/Overall Screen (OSCR)/Copper Braid Screen
  • Lead Cover/ALPE
  • Round Wire Armour/Double Tape Armour/Wire Braid Armour
  • PVC/LSPVC/LSFOH/PE Outer Sheath

Telecommunications Cables are used in low frequency systems, and are produced as pair or quad cables, using copper.

– These cables are designed for local networks and signal transmission, and can be customized to suit your specific needs. To complement the products themselves, we also provide consultancy and end-to-end solutions to ensure your project is a success.

Telecommunication cables are used to transmit electromagnetic waves; they are called electromagnetic wave guides. Those cables are installed in open air, underground, indoor or outdoor.

– The overall screening of the pairs protects it against outer electrostatic interference fields.

Armoured types would be able to bear external mechanical forces.

– Lead sheathed types are designed to be used in any applications where the cables may be subjected to solvent penetration or corrosive attack or hydrocarbons.